When Jamie Pullman started The Downtown Condo Guys in November 2012, he already had several years of real estate experience under his belt. Back then it was The Downtown Condo Guy – as in singular. He was a solo act.

That all changed in early 2015 when Miguel Diaz came on board bringing the name to its current plural status. Prior to working with the company, Diaz was in the real estate business but was not content in his current position. When he met Pullman at the Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego in late 2014, while spending time with their sons, the two struck up a conversation and the future was suddenly very clear. It was obvious that the time was right; the stars were aligned. Diaz was looking to move away from his current company and position while Pullman was looking to grow his company.

It was around this same time that Branden Matlock, a friend of Diaz since childhood, began looking at real estate as a serious career. He and Diaz had been tossing around an idea of starting a real estate business that was focused on San Diego’s downtown area. Once Diaz joined with Pullman, bringing Matlock on board was the next logical step.

Now the three bring energy, experience, and enthusiasm to their company, doing what they love – helping people find a home to fall in love with.